Month: March 2008

You Have Tremendous Value | Episode #32

So my friend called me yesterday excited about his annual performance review his boss conducted with him. He was particularly excited about his 500 stock [...]

Stop Chasing The Rabbit | Episode # 31

In 1993 I attended a greyhound dog race in Houston, TX. All the dogs were placed in a cage at the starting line and were drooling over a stuffed rabbit tied [...]

The Best Things In Life Are Free| Episode # 30

STOP! Are you trying to buy a better quality of life? No need for that Champion, the best things in life are FREE. Today's Everyday Is Saturday Show [...]

Change Your Scene Today| Episode #29

Don't like the view from where you are standing? Then change it yourself! You (Yes YOU) have the power to change the scenery in a minute. Take advantage of [...]