Month: July 2008

Re-Connecting With An Old Friend After 20 Years| Episode 39

This is wild. I mean REALLY wild! Last month I was surfing Facebook to see if I could find some old friends from 'yester-year.' I found a guy named [...]

I’ll Have The Chicken Sandwich & Hold The Dumb Look | Episode 38

On my way to a speaking at an event yesterday I stopped at a fast food restaurant for a bite to eat. What was supposed to be a quick & seamless dining [...]

You Are A Champion | Episode 37

I'm back from Hawaii and full of energy! What an unbelievable experience with the Champions from Liberty League! Listen to today's show at least three [...]

Habits Create Your Future | Episode # 36

Champions don't create their future, they create their habits. Their habits create their future. Voted best inspirational message of the year by listeners [...]