Month: February 2014

Living Life On My Terms

Where were you sixteen years ago today - February 28, 1998? Me? I was getting married. Life was a lot different back then. No kids. A low golf [...]

Life Is A Play…And You Are The Lead Actor

Do you want to make life fun again? Imagine laughing at your biggest fears and having the time of your life, when you thought you would be feeling as [...]

Learners Are Earners

Saying, "I don't know how" just won't cut it as an entrepreneur. The most fun of being an entrepreneur is the learning process. Learn how...... and then [...]

The Power Of A Dream

Dreams are free. It doesn't cost anything to have a dream. And the good news keeps getting better: If you dare to have a REALLY BIG dream, it doesn't cost [...]

Life’s Priorities & Thanking The IRS For My Wife

How did a show that was supposed to be all about Life's Priorities, become hijacked by a story of how I met my wife? That's what happens when you have a loose [...]

God Will Pay You Back Double For All The Unfair Things That Happened To You

Life isn't fair. You know it. I know. Everybody knows it. Most importantly, God knows it. And He has promised to pay you back double for all the unfair [...]

You Are The Next Rocky

When I say 'Rocky' what comes to mind? For most people, it's the vision of a down and out fighter getting his big chance to change his life with one huge [...]

How To Make Casual Fridays Count

Casual Friday's should be named Graveyard Fridays in the workplace. Have you ever seen less productivity than what you see on a Friday in the [...]

WhatsApp? The $16 Billion Sale. A Great Entreprenurial Story

Meet Brian Acton. In 2009 he was turned down for a job at both Facebook and Twitter. Yesterday, his start up company WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for [...]

Make Your Business Your Ministry

What if? What if your business was not this big boulder you needed to push up a hill in order to gain momentum? What if your business was something you [...]