Month: April 2014

Find Time For Your Dream. Or Suffer The Consequences

The "I don't have enough time" excuse is lame. Really lame. What you're really saying is "It is not a priority in my life at the moment." "It" can [...]

Preaching The Every Day Is Saturday Gospel

Yesterday was a wild day. I'm not sure how I ended up in this place but I know one was part of a journey that began with a New Year's resolution [...]

The Power Of Patience – Sunday’s Spiritual Podcast

Shane Harden joins me in the studio to discuss the power of patience and how God's timing is always the right timing. We also discuss the difference [...]

From Depressed To Amazing In Less Than One Hour

This morning I woke up feeling fat, lazy and uninspired. I made a decision that would have me feeling: Amazing, energetic and full of life… less than [...]

Your Best Days Are Ahead Of You. Guaranteed.

It's the end of the week and I have a reservoir of motivation built up inside. I want to share some of the inspiration from this week with [...]

Don’t Argue With A Fool.

We've all been there. Somebody send you a nasty email, or blows you up online in a forum, blog post, or social media. You know better than to respond [...]

Can You Sprint To Your Saturday?

One of the most asked questions of the Every Day Is Saturday community: How long does it take? Meaning, how much time will I have to invest in my [...]

Bet On The New You. Not The old you.

Are you going to bet on the Old you, or the NEW you? One will keep you from moving forward.The other will take you places you've only dreamed of but never [...]