Month: May 2014

Focus: Find One Course Until Successful

People get distracted. It happens to all of us. One of the biggest differentiators between successful entrepreneurs and others is the ability to [...]

Coming Clean

We're all over the place on today's podcast - shocker, I know. One thing, it felt good to finally come clean on a few things and share them with [...]

Ron Douglas – Creator of America’s Most Wanted Recipes

Ron Douglas is one fascinating man. In 2007, he was shown the door at his six-figure corporate job. Unceremoniously let go and walked out the door in Ron's [...]

Attitude Is Everything

If you want to be a successful business person, you must have a  great attitude. I'll take a positive attitude over intelligence every day. If you have [...]

Taking A Stand For Jesus

For Christians, it's easy to take a stand for our business, lifestyle or any number of things we identify with. But it's an entriely different feeling when we [...]

Fat Chance Of Success

I was at Kings Island today and witnessed two overweight people being removed from a ride. Why? Becasue they could not be securely fastened into their seat [...]

The Journey Of The Broke

I guess it's not politically correct any longer to refer to a job as: The J.O.B. - Journey Of The Broke - Jump Out of Bed - Just Over Broke Who [...]

The Meaning Of Life

There's one thing that motivates and inspires me each day to keep going. It's why I wake up in the morning and sleep well at night. And it has nothing to do [...]