Month: July 2014

When You Lose Your Keys

Remember the last time you lost your keys? Did you stop looking for them? Of course not. You retrace your steps, thinking of where you last were when you had [...]

Step Off Of The Nail!

If you're serious about making every day Saturday, I'll help you get there. Today's podcast is powerful. You should listen to it a minimum of 5 times, to [...]

A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur

I wanted to provide you a glimpse into what an 'average day' looks like for an entrepreneur. Defined as: Someone who does not go to a job each day to make a [...]

Where Is Your Vision Train Headed?

Whenever we buy a ticket for a bus, train or airline - we have a destination in mind. We never buy a ticket to go back to where we've already been. Imagine [...]

The Problem Is Your Attitude About The Problem

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the [...]

I’m Baaaaack!

It feels like it's been forever since my last podcast. In actuality it's been five day since the last EDIS show and I am FIRED UP! I have a rant and a [...]

Why Do We Have A Fear Of Failure?

I had always had a job since the age of 13, when I delivered newspapers in my hometown of Bradford, PA. I didn't want the paper route but my mom insisted I [...]

Beware The Magnet Of Mediocrity

Sometimes the fear of success is worse than the fear of failure. Once you've climbed the moutain top, you may be pulled back down by the Magnet Of [...]

Matthew: Big Brother And Guardian Angel To Our Baby, Susan

My wife Angela and I are expecting our fourth child in December. This came as quite a shock to both of us when we found out in April. I was speaking at an [...]