The Inspirational Story Behind Pillow Pets

Have you ever seen a Pillow Pet?

If you have kids, you probably have one, or at least have seen them in toy stores.

We’ve bought a number of these for our girls.
The price is about $20.
Last night I was hanging out in my
9 yr old’s room and her Pillow Pet caught my eye.
It’s a lady bug.
I began wondering …..
“What’s the story behind this stuffed animal/pillow? I bet there’s a great entrepreneurial journey involve with this idea….”

And wouldn’t you know, there IS a great story behind this product.
One that will inspire you.

Enjoy the show!

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  1. it’s impossible for me to remain stressed once I click play and start listening to your podcast Sam. You help me to bring everything back into perspective. That ,and you make me laugh, a lot. I think a warning should come with your podcast not to operate heavy machinery while listening in or at least a warning regarding sudden and uncontrollable laughter. Hey, it’s the best medicine, evah! Thanx.

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