When My Spouse Doesn’t Support My Entrepreneurial Dream

From the Every Day Is Saturday Podcast Listeners……
We went into the email bag for today’s show.

Special thank you to Ray, Marie and Henry – all sent emails asking for a podcast on this topic:
What To Do When My Spouse Doesn’t Support My Entrepreneurial Dream?

It’s a great question, that takes more than just one show to answer but today will go along away towards understanding why this happens.

In an indirect way, it has to do with the mental prison you’ve lived in for quite some time.
Letting your past failures define your future.

You’ll hear the story of the bear, a cage and the wilderness.
It’s time you released yourself into the wilderness.

Enjoy the show.


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  1. Hey Sam,
    I had to wait a day before commenting and wasn’t sure I wanted to share. I listened to the show 2 ½ times and cried each time. Yeah, a big tough guy crying. I couldn’t finish the last listen because it was just too close to home.
    Were you at my house listening in before you did your show? Creepy Dude!
    My wife and I were having one of those tough conversations just before I tuned into the show. I am in the No Support Camp – and sadly because of my own poor decisions and inexperience over many years. I have failed at so many things and got us so deeply in depth with “Ideas”, Programs and Plans that my wife has No Belief in me left – Except that I can provide for the family by working as a slave. I have done that well, but at a cost.
    And no I don’t remind and beat myself up over my past failures as you said not to. I don’t have to because my wife does it every time I share an idea or dream and reminds me of ALL the money I have wasted on my stupid ideas and how much it has hurt the family.
    Can’t really blame her though – all she needed being from Missouri was that I show her the money and it never came.

    Your PCH Membership was the last paid Investment I was able to make and I would do it again, and under threats of the Mrs. leaving me, I am building my Podcast Show with no cost methods – which means me (a non techy) having to figure it out do it & learn it myself while working in a very stressful and time demanding JOB. And as you know without being able to invest in things like paid Podomatic or BluBurry hosting and other proper tools even $5 ones it is going to be extremely very slow going to prove to my Mrs. that I am not just goofing around this time. She does not want to listen to my show or my idea and doesn’t care about my dream – She is interested only that I keep working in the field and J.O.B. as it has been the one constant that has paid the bills. Some have told me to let her leave, BUT I love my wife and family and the dream is to make a better life for us all. So success alone would not be success at all to me.
    Pretty discouraging but like you said, “Let’s be real.”
    Again I own up to all that – and wish I was better at being an entrepreneur than a slave.
    With all that said though – I am NOT giving up and am determined to make this work somehow!
    Just wanted to be transparent to let anyone out there that may be going through something similar know they are not alone and there are folks out there that do understand what they are going through and to encourage them to Believe in themselves and their dreams even if No one else does.
    I know that God loves me and has something much better for me than just being a slave and I am holding on to that!
    Maybe you could do a Spiritual Sunday show with the same topic showing how faith, hope and trust in God will help us.
    Thanks for being real Sam.
    Truth sometimes hurts, but it does set up free!

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