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  1. Sam. Can’t wait for this afternoons episode. One thing I didn’t mention yesterday. My first son was also a preemie so I know what you’re going through. Me and my wife lived in the NICU for seven weeks (slept there every night until he was released). He is now 6 years old and absolutely perfect. While staying there we met an amazing person named Jen who had premature twins. She lost the healthiest daughter, but the smaller one lived and at the age of 6 is perfect little girl. Jen and my wife Robbin began running in the afternoons to release some stress. They decided to start a marathon together to raise money for the IWK in Halifax, Nova Scotia where our preemies had been born. Me and my wife moved from NS to Calgary so aren’t that involved anymore. Jen and Robbin have went on to run marathons all over north america (Philadelphia, New York, Las Vegas to name a few). But that little fundraiser that we started is now an annual race that has raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000 dollars for that childrens hospital.
    We met a lot of great people at that NICU and we will be forever grateful. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Can’t wait to hear when your daughter is released!

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