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  1. Ok Sam. I’ve gotta tell ya this episode sounds like it is specifically for me. I went to my boss last week and said I was thinking of leaving to pursue my dream. I would say my dream is riskier than most and they realize this. They convinced me to stay until Christmas then give it a try for 3 months from January until the start of April. If I reconsider my position will be waiting for me to return. If I decide to leave for good, they wish me luck. Here’s the kicker…my dream is to be a professional poker player!!! It probably sounds crazy to you and anyone else reading this. But last year I made as much money playing poker in 1000 hours as I did at my J.O.B. over 2000 hours! My wife is very supportive of my decision which helps. I may regret this someday but I want to thank you for pushing me over the edge to start living the life I want. If I fail I can always find another boring office job. Better to fail at something you love than succeed at something that bores you to death right?

    Would love to hear back from you…positive or negative. So far my wife and her parents are positive, and everyone else I know thinks I’m crazy.


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