Lesson #3: Freedom To Fail 201



How to deal with it – because you know it’s going to happen

Failure. The “F” word. Yes, we need to discuss it. Here’s why.



  • Failure happens to everyone. Failure just means you’ve tried.
  • There is risk in everything you do, but you don’t need risky.
  • Stay positive and have faith and you will have success.
  • There will always be peaks and valleys; you just have to pass through the valley instead of hanging out there.
  • Don’t leave the valley without learning how to not get there again.
  • You have to have a destination in mind.
  • Embrace the mindset part of failure. It doesn’t just happen to you.
  • You are lucky to be able to experience failure because you gain wisdom, which creates experience, which creates knowledge, which creates MAGIC! If you don’t fail the magic never happens.






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