Lesson #3: Influential Thoughts 101


The Power Of Self Talk

It can be good, it can be bad

Self-talk sabotages most dreams. Conversely it can also catapult people into the stratosphere of success.


  • There are several rungs on the ladder to success.
  • The first rung is “who do you think you are?” We tend to talk bad about others. We take our frustration out on people who are already successful because we doubt ourselves and we are envious.
  • The next rung is “advice.” Family and friends give unsolicited advice, such as, “You’re doing WHAT? That’s never going to work.” This brings up negative self-talk. Instead, throw yourself into your work.
  • Fear makes people mean. When you do great things, people WILL criticize you. It’s a rite of passage but it should be water off a duck’s back.
  • The secret sauce to all success is doing what you love and never working a day in your life.
  • It makes more sense to fail doing what you love to do.
  • If you are not afraid of going broke and losing everything, magic happens.
  • Identify your fears, saying, “What if…” Answer this with, “And then what?” Flip it into a positive message in your mind.


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