Lesson #4: Momentum 101


Creating Massive Momentum

Forward movement is essential.

Stop worrying. Stop being fearful. Get started.


  • Stop worrying. Stop being fearful. Get started.
  • Takeaways:Not being able to get out of the starting gate kills dreams.
  • There’s no going back so “burn the boat.”
  • Model other’s people success but remember, “Harvest the best, forget the rest.”
  • You kill momentum by giving every task on your list the same importance.
  • Start by focusing on your product, the thing you create that relieves someone’s pain.
  • Death by question mark kills momentum (How? Why? What if? Which?). Quit asking so many stalling questions.
  • It’s okay to ask questions that help you learn. For instance, want to learn coding and websites? Go to W3Schools.com.
  • Experience creates momentum.
  • You don’t need to know all the answers to get started.
  • Pain is inevitable; misery is optional.


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Create Massive Momentum