Lesson #4: Social Proof 301


Getting Social Proof For Your Message

You are great – so get people to say so!

Social proof for your message brands you as an expert and brings others on board.

  • Don’t you want to know your life mattered? The best legacy is better than currency.
  • Google “Jim Rohn” and watch his videos to get food for the soul.
  • The only wrong decision is never getting going. You need to share your message. Nothing takes the place of your passion and emotion.
  • Inside the word emotion is the word “motion.” If you have emotion, you will always have momentum. Whenever you are moving you can’t be a target for negativity.
  • You need a couple sneezers – people singing your praises. They will help others catch the fever. Just two will do.
  • Don’t ever minimize the power of your story.
  • If you need an audio turned into a CD go to kunaki.com.
  • There is never any time when you are doing what you love that you could count as a loss. Every single time you try something it’s a win.
  • The people taking shots don’t even have an ounce of the courage needed to do anything with their life. They are not qualified to breathe the same air as you. Don’t give them any credibility.
  • Be authentic. Be honest. Get the social proof you need.



  • Always ask your sneezers to provide a video testimonial and give them suggestions for the best words to use. It only needs to be a minute long and they can record it on their cell phone.
  • Just average ordinary people will work just fine; testimonials don’t need to come from someone famous.
  • You need to know your avatar and speak directly to them. These are the same people who should provide testimonials.
  • Ask them what they liked best about your product.


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