Lesson #5: Success 101


Rooted, Growing, Reaching

Stay rooted to weather the storms sure to come

How to grow the thick roots in your tree. If you want to be successful, you must learn to withstand the winds of adversity and that means you must be rooted. It’s how you adjust your sail that makes a difference.


  • First you must plant your tree of success. You must be rooted into the ground.
  • Most people are just casual gardeners and they give up at the first sign of negative growth.
  • If the roots don’t grow, it’s not the problem of the business. The problem is you. You didn’t develop deep roots. You must be firmly entrenched in your dream. Water it, nurture it.
  • Maybe you feel your tree is in the wrong place. But each time you move your tree, you start over. The problem is you not allowing your tree to grow roots deep enough to withstand the storm.
  • As you work toward your goal, your tree will grow. You must give it water and provide nutrients to the soil.
  • You must believe that there is a purpose to what you are doing. Your actions must be congruent with what you say.
  • One way of growing is to be a good receiver. Those compliments provide good nutrients for our roots. Just say, “Thanks.”
  • Inside the word “learn” is the word “earn.” Never stop learning.
  • If the acorn had the thought process of most people it would never grow into a big oak tree. We just don’t believe we have ever earned our success. We must continually reach for the top.
  • The winds of adversity can’t blow your tree over when you are firmly rooted, continually growing and reaching for the next success.
  • If you’ve identified your dream, stay where you are. If you haven’t identified it, daydream about what you want to do and make a list; then decide what you can get paid to do and choose one.



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