Living A Life Of Significance – Part Four

Yesterday I told you that finally created my last will & testament.
Talk about  a sobering document…

I took time to read my will, then reflect on what it will be like to take my last breath. Perfect timing for our series on
Living A Life Of Significance.

We’re on a search this week to discover our purpose in life.
If you can’t find your purpose now, then make that your purpose: To Find Your Purpose In Life.
Everything is explained on today’s podcast.

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  1. Sam… great info today. I’m sitting here at Parent Teacher conferences during our break between sessions… eating a little dinner… grading papers… getting things done, and I start tearing up at the thought of writing my last will. Thinking of my last hour of life – my obituary being read …. wow. Even as I type this.. tears coming again. What a great exercise to do. I have a Leadership class that I teach.. this is going to be one of the exercises I do with my students for our next term. Powerful stuff… thanks so much. Can’t wait for the Podcast info to start flowing on Feb. 1! 🙂 Keep up the great work – you are a difference maker!!

    • Hey John,
      Thanks for your comments.
      Reading your will, or writing your obituary can be a powerful exercise. Kind of puts all the small stuff in its proper place.
      Go and treat yourself after parent/teacher conferences.
      Live Life!

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