1. Sam,
    Great Message…I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster that you and your family are going through. Coming from the Medical field and Emergency Nursing, I have met several patients that were premie babies at birth and went on to become big healthy adults.

    My hats off to you for not only having strength and emotional stoutness, but for also reminding me that everything is ultimately out of our hands. I would have lost my composure a long time ago. (I am a father of four)

    Most inspirational…
    Praying for Baby Susan and all of your family.

  2. I have been praying for your family since new little Susan has been born.
    I understand much of the DubLi concepts. I don’t believe that I have what it takes to go really big with this. I am a 64 y/o retired RN and haven’t figured out how to hook up wireless. I would be glad to do mundane work as was described by Kristian but would need substantial education. I am enthused yet hesitant to possibly screw up. Do you have some advice?

  3. We have no choice but to turn our lives over to “God”! Often I get stuck in my head and do circles around an issue in my life. Then I remember the place that brings me Joy; I drop into my Heart, knowing; trusting that God loves me and everyone else on this Earth. Follow your Heart as it appears you are doing. Inner Peace is what we are suffering to discover. If we accept challenges as growth, our Inner Peace becomes more brilliant.
    Susan will always be an angel in your life, whether here on Planet Earth or in a friendlier place “Heaven”! You are a wonderful Father to allow her to spread her wings the best way to serve “Her”!
    Sending love and light to you, Sam Crowley, and your “Girls”!

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