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Personalized Coaching Sessions with the Founder and Creator of Every Day Is Saturday and Podcast House, Sam Crowley

Hey there!

It’s Sam, offering you a once-in-a-lifetime deal (trust me, this ain’t gonna last long).

Over a decade ago, I decided to change my life for the better (the Every Day is Saturday story which you’ve no doubt heard before). With little more than a computer and a lot of enthusiasm, I started speaking, delivering audio messages to people across the world. And you know what? It actually worked! Turns out there are lots of people who wanted to hear the Saturday message. Things got big and crazy real fast, turning into a six-figure business, and I’ve never regretted a minute of it!

Are you ready to start your own crazy journey to success?

After years of learning the hard way how to turn podcasting into a moneymaking business, I’m ready to share this information with YOU, one on one, mano y mano. No need to reinvent the wheel. No need to go it alone. No need to do it the hard way, like I did.

I’m offering you one-on-one coaching to turn every day of your life into a Saturday. This special Saturday Podcast Coaching includes:

  • 4 once-weekly, 30-minute calls – just you and me
  • One month’s worth of calls – four total
  • Questions of your choice – ask me anything you want.
  • Exclusive Email access – send me an email before our call telling me what you want to talk about.
  • Masterminding – we’ll delve right into the exact information and motivation you need to become a massive success.
  • You get 2 full hours of completely customized learning, no distractions, for one low price of $1997 $1497.

This offer is only available to 5 clients at a time – and exclusively to charter members of Podcast House – so get on board NOW…and enjoy a lifetime of Saturdays tomorrow.

Start by sending an email to Sam@everydayissaturday.com with your name and phone number. You will receive a reply within 48 hours, explaining how to work directly with Sam.

Are you ready to crush it and become the successful podcaster I know you can be?

Let’s DO this thing together.

Talk to you soon,


This is THE Opportunity to CRUSH IT with podcasting!