Podcast FAQ

What do I need to start podcasting?

At the minimum: a WordPress site, the PowerPress plugin, a microphone, audio editing software (such as Audacity), a place to host your podcast (Podomatic or Blubrry), an iTunes account and a Blubrry account. Cover artwork for your iTunes and Blubrry accounts is also necessary.

What do I need to get started in Podcast House?

It’s best if you have the essentials in place: a WordPress site, the PowerPress plugin and a Blubrry account. Think of them as the Three Musketeers or the Three Stooges. They work together really well and form a good foundation for your new podcasting/speaking enterprise.

Why do I need a WordPress site?

Well, every entrepreneur needs a website and WordPress lets you add the PowerPress plugin that connects to Blubrry.

Why do I need a Blubrry account?

Blubrry is a podcast directory. You can also host your podcast on Blubrry (or Podomatic, but Blubrry is recommended). By linking your WordPress site to your Blubrry account, your podcasts can be embedded in the posts. When visitors come to your site, they can click on a blog post and play your podcast.

What’s so great about Blubrry?

Other than the aforementioned PowerPress plugin between Blubrry and your WordPress site, Blubrry is a great directory to host your podcast. It offers lots of great statistics you can access directly from your website so you can see which of your podcasts are most popular, get statistics about your listeners and more.

Why do I need an iTunes account?

Think of iTunes as the Amazon of podcasts. If your show isn’t listed on iTunes, you will be missing out on a huge percentage of your target market.

How do I get my podcast listed on iTunes?

Until you have some podcasts recorded, you won’t have anything to upload to iTunes. However, the steps are: 1) access your iTunes account; 2) go to iTunes/Podcasts/Submit a podcast; 3) go to Blubrry to find your RSS feed; 4) copy and paste this URL of your RSS feed into iTunes; 5) wait for approval from iTunes.

What kind of recording equipment do I need? What does Sam use?

Patience, Grasshopper. You’ll find that and much more in Podcast House.

What type of brand/show should I create?

That’s something to start thinking about now. Find topics about which you are passionate. What’s something you could talk about every day and not get tired of it? How can you fit this into a business that includes speaking engagements? Put your thinking cap on but don’t be too worried if you don’t have anything in mind just yet. Your membership in Podcast House and its Facebook page will help.