Shane Harden Interview – Part One of Two

This week’s spiritual podcast was so juicy, we had
two break it into two parts.

You can listen to Part One today.
Part two will be ready for download tomorrow.

Shane Harden, Pastor of Branches Church in Loveland, OH joined me in the studio.
Shane and I have been friends for 10 years.
He knew me when I was at my lowest points and also has been there
for all the success with Every Day Is Saturday.

We touched all the rails of religion such as:
Which religion is correct?
Do heaven & hell exist?
What about the Christian Hypocrites and all the nonsense they spew.
What does Shane say to a mother who loses her child? How does a loving God allow that to happen?
What happens when we die? …..Will we know each other as we are?

And deep questions like “How does God feel about the F Bomb?”

Enjoy the show!

PS Feel free to send Shane a message on Facebook and let him know you listened to the show.
Ask him your own questions about faith, God, religion and why we are here.

  1. Hi Sam,
    This podcast reminds me of something Ghandi had said.
    It goes something like- If Christians’ can live a Christ like
    life the whole of India will convert to Christianity.
    You don’t need to try and convert them.

    Sam, try and get someone to edit your written messages.
    Sometimes insignificant ‘mistakes’ can put off listeners’.

    Your beginning statement is: This week’s spiritual podcast
    was so juicy, we had two break it into two parts. (to instead of two)

    Wish you well Sam.
    Luqman Michel

  2. Hi Luqman,
    Welcome from Malaysia!

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on the grammatical ‘to’…two’….etc.

    Happy you’re listening and are engaged in the podcast.

    Have the best day EVAH! ………EVAH deliberately spelled that way;)


  3. Sam & Shane,

    This was awesome, Praise God. I need to listen to Part II, but am now listening to make your business your ministry… WOW, this is on n crackin.. God is speaking right now and I’m thankful He lead me to listen to these tonight. I just looked up at my wall and there is a scripture hanging –
    I will guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.. Prov 4:11

    Ties into listening to you tonight Sam!! We met at an event in Denver last July, but didn’t get to really talk and I wish we would have had the opportunity to do a lot more in person.. I do have a picture tho.. 🙂

    To listen to such positive, straight talk, no holds barred is the real deal!! I’m in…

    God Bless….

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