1. I am going for my dream!!! Yesssss!!!
    Thank you for the inspiration, Sam! I agree 100% with you: it’s not worth following some idea of how small one (I) should live but it’s infinitely rewarding to take those steps in building the life one (I) knows one (I) can have based on how tremendously powerful one (I) as a human being is. We are so brilliant! We are infinitely gifted! Our minds can do amazing things and we can live lives full of meaning which honour our definition of human beings. Following the crowd (aka the fear the crowd is swaddled in) is not dignifying for anybody. Staying in a job that pays well enough for one not to think about quitting for another job of the kind but can barely cover one’s natural expenses, and which, above all, does not reward individual contribution, brilliance, uniqueness and just amazing enthusiasm one brings to the table – which benefits everyone in the end in every way since enthusiasm raises the vibration of everyone involved – is a waste of time… Employers are not interested in anyone shining. They just want people chained to their rules and custom managing skills. Their interest is not in maintaining an atmosphere of happiness and well-being at the place where people spend most of the day (on tasks that are of no interest for them in the end…) but on keeping them small and fearful of what it could “happen” to them. So much fear intended to keep everybody on guard and not to mention the office gossip and low pleasure of turning someone into looking like a fool so that they can have something to enjoy for a few seconds – if this is enjoyment… What are those benefits for (vouchers, sport cards etc) if one is kept in a miserable state and has to pay for that every single day of going to that place, not to mention the moments after when one has to clean up from all the dense energies taken upon themselves. What was the problem with me at work? I was shining too brightly. I was coming up with ideas that the minds of those people brainwashed into misery could not even conceive of daring. I was bringing the enthusiasm of focusing on the task, solving it and then moving onto another at full throttle! The pretentious could not take it. “She’s new on the project and she behaves as if she’s been here for years” – the one who demanded respect just because she had been on the job for 1 year and didn’t know stuff I knew. Employers don’t reward dedication, brilliance, sense of self-worth. They can’t stand to be shown different than what they come up with. The people evaluating people are not brighter, smarter, great at what they’re doing. They’re there because they knew how to talk with who they needed to talk, did what they were asked to and that’s all, nothing more, nothing less. Average is valued. Displaying innovation and character isn’t. I do not consider my employer superior to me. We collaborate. For the time I spend on their tasks – which honestly are of no value to me – I get paid according to what those tasks are worth (or not – I do not believe they pay for the job per se but for what they think one would be kept hooked up so they come back for more lol). I do not consider myself superior to anyone either. If I have voiced my different opinions towards my colleagues or superiors it was out of respect for my own voice as well as theirs. Even if we have different ideas it’s not shameful to be different. We all have the right to communicate, not only some according to their rank. I came with all that in an environment structured according to middle-age-like frame of mind and it was so easy to be pointed at as the one who would not “behave”. Turns out even if one displays physical traits of an adult it doesn’t mean their minds are also expanded. Today I was given the notice paper that my employment contract will end at the end of next month. How I am feeling? EXHILARATED!! I finally got away from the horror of spending 8 hours/day with people interested in ridiculing one another ’cause they can’t get any taste of their own power otherwise. I am so grateful it’s finally over! Sam, I admire your drive, your dedication and your open heart in addressing the spark within us all to shine. Yes, I go after shiny things! It is my passion! Why should I stay surrounded by stuff that I find no interest in anymore. I am going towards my dream! I am building my own happy thriving freedom filled life! Because I know I am not designed to spend my precious energy where I am not valued. Oddly – or maybe in divine alignment 🙂 – I was exposing the idea that our time on earth is limited to a friend yesterday and I was thinking about Steve Jobs at the moment. And today I listened to your hangout (thank you for sending it to me) exposing the same exact idea. Divine timing 🙂 I discovered you through Edward Mills “Abundant Mystics” series back in 2010 and the idea of living life as if it’s a perennial day off (or should I say time dedicated to one’s fulfillment of their inner joy) looked amazing. I’ve never feared hard work. But when I pour myself all in and what I get is weird looks cause I don’t fit the pattern of following some hierarchy of who I am supposed to speak to or not, the tone of my voice, the topics, how I should walk/talk – it is disheartening. Keeping a low profile… errr… it’s never been my strong point. I love who I am and I love being and being here NOW! I deserve to be in a place where I am valued for who I am. Thank you again for the inspiration, Sam! Your message reaches me in the right moment at the right time. Blessings <3

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