The Entrepreneurial Mindset – Part One

We’re staring a new series today on what it takes to move from an employee mindset
to an entrepreneur mindset.

This was spurred by an email I received from Darren in Australia, asking if I could talk about the mindset needed to become an entrepreneur.

This is an important topic and not discussed nearly enough.
Most people feel all you need is a great idea and a hungry marketplace – and entrepreneurial success is yours.

However, there’s a number of intangibles that go into leaving a job and blazing your new trail to freedom.

Thanks to Darren for the suggestion.
Enjoy the new series. It’s a ‘must-listen’ for anyone looking to quit their job.


  1. Thank you Darren for the suggestion and Sam for the follow through. I realized when I talking to an entrepreneur friend the other day who is mentoring me that my biggest problem is that independent mindset. I have the worker mindset because that is my comfort zone. Learning to quit the job mindset and the job WOW. Thanks again Sam for speaking on this important subject. 🙂

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