The Power Of A Dream

Dreams are free.
It doesn’t cost anything to have a dream.

And the good news keeps getting better:
If you dare to have a REALLY BIG dream, it doesn’t cost anymore than a small one, so you best dream big.

It’s time for you to step into your greatness and it all begins with your dream.

Enjoy the show.


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  1. Sam you say it as it is and since the dream is free here’s mine
    I am just starting to figure out how to do online marketing and my dream is to eventually buy the Every Day is a Saturday brand from you and become the best
    pod caster. (Danson-Kenya)

    You dared me man.

  2. Great message Sam – I was listening to this as I stayed at school grading some papers before we had an Open House event at our school. This helped me focus listening to all the great truths you were spouting off. I even called my principal down to listen for a few minutes and I sent him the link to your site and your podcasts. We had a good talk too, he and I about things connected to Leadership, etc. Thanks for the info to get these discussions going. 🙂

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