The Power Of Forgiveness

If it’s Sunday, it must be time for our Spiritual Podcast.
Shane Harden, pastor of Branches Church joins me in the studio as we discuss the Power Of Forgiveness.
Letting everything go….

There’s so much abundance waiting for you but if you can’t let the toxic thoughts leave your mind, you’re sabotaging your own success.
I ask Shane what the Bible says about forgiving your parents, as well as other groups.

Three words:
Let. It. Go.

Enjoy the show.


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  1. Thanks Sam and Shane. I work most Sundays so miss going to church but have the the Sunday Spiritual Podcast to keep me going. Thanks Great topic about forgiveness of a parent , thanks Shane for clarifying forgiving but not having to reconcile with them. He has hurt me and I have also hurt him with my words and actions. I guess forgiveness needs to be given and asked for?

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