The Storms Will Pass …and we now know the sex of our new baby!

No matter how bad the storms are in you life, they will pass.

They always do.
We were at Lake Erie beach yesterday and had literally just laid down our towels, when the rain began.
People panicked and began running to their cars, thinking the entire day was a washout.
I stood calmly with my annoyed daughters and said “The storm will pass, you’ll see.”

And it did.
We had an amazing time at the beach after the brief storm.
And you will have an amazing life after the storms, as well.

Oh….one more thing.
My wife had a sonogram today and we’re having a…….

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  1. Congratulations! I have four girls and they are awesome. They are healthy, beautiful, smart, sweet, polite and they can all throw a football. C’mon, man you really weren’t holding out for a boy were you? My girls like watching UFC with me, they like to go fishing, ride bikes, or just hang out. It’s all good. You will be blessed in many ways. Also, who better to be an “example” for four girls than a Dad who gets it done every day.

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