What Can I Do To Achieve Success? Answer: Whatever It Takes!

Today’s podcast was prompted by a question sent to me on Twitter.

Tweet From @noelrosos
“Hi Sam.  I’m going through hard times so i would like to know how you overcame debt and achieve the success you have now.”

Love this question!
Answer: Whatever it takes!

Enjoy the show!


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  1. Sam : I have lost my job 2 years ago with a school division after 16 years of experience Then the consultants were turfed given a severance package to leave , Then I have been trying to develop my own Speech-Language Pathology private practice and have been struggling for 2 years now not being able to increase my private clients base beyond 5-6 clients per week enough work for 1 day of therapy per week. Recently I have secured a 2-day / month contract with a school division to provide consultative speech-language therapy services for children with severe speech-language disabilities.
    But I have always been the primary bread winner in our family and now it is causing great financial
    stress within our family. I am being pressured to go back to work working for community health centre with preschool children with a lot of buraucracy paper shuffling to make like we are doing somethings but really not making progress, and school divisions with limited funding who are changing their method of service delivery to children to take the therapy into the classroom with all the children , But I do not believe in the paradigm shift the institutions are using because it will not work for a majority of children requiring direct speech-language therapy. I am always trying to move forward , network with influential decision makers and build my business.

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