Well, here we are.
My 50th attempt (or so) at creating and maintaining a regular blog on the Every Day Is Saturday platform.
But this time is different.

This time I’m laser-focused on creating regular content for visitors who want the best in personal development and entrepreneurial training. With that said, I don’t believe I am THE authority on those topics, just AN authority.

We all have something to offer the world and my gift happens to be an authentic look inside the life of a husband, father and entrepreneur.
In addition to this blog, I also have a daily motivational podcast which is ‘life unscripted.’ I literally turn on my microphone and begin speaking from the heart. Whatever is on my mind, flows through the microphone and onto my daily podcast.
My podcast topics have included marketing, money, God, friends, cliques and a million other topics in between.

When I launched my podcast eight years ago, I had no clue what I was doing. And I didn’t care.
I was broke and coming off an embarrassing business failure, which sent me into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I didn’t have the money or the knowledge to create a robust website, so I found the one thing that required zero start up capital and that turned out to be podcasting.

But I also love to write.
Writing is the doing part of thinking. There’s something about the written word that allows the reader to hear the message in their own voice, thereby resonating deeper.

I want this blog to be a bond between you and I.
My hope is that my words inspire you to launch your own Saturday Journey. I want this to be a safe haven where you can dream without being judged, while being inspired to push through the pain of growing yourself and your business.

So many people try to make life and business look easy. You’re smart enough to know that neither is simple. It’s been my experience that most people who ‘sell the dream’ are more messed up then you and I combined.
They just find a way to spin the story.

As a professional speaker, I’ve met a ‘Who’s Who’ of gurus in every walk of life.
From authors, speakers, marketers. life coaches, home business & traditional business owners.

The ones who brag about their success and position themselves as having all the answers – are way more messed up than you could ever imagine. The people I find who are the best examples of life balance, are the ones who approach their craft with humility and gratitude.
Funny thing, I used to be that guy. The arrogant ass who thought he had all the answers. Some may say I still have a little bit of that in me. You may be right but I prefer to think of it as an edge. We all need a bit of an edge to keep us AND our message sharp.

I always preface my speeches, audios, videos and other material with “This is my story. It doesn’t make it the only story, your story or even the right story. It’s just the way I see things.”
I think people who try to position themselves as having all the answers are insecure bundles of fluff.
How else do you explain photos of expensive cars, mansions, boats, etc? There’s a time and place to market abundance and wealth. There’s nothing wrong with having material possessions. However, when those possessions are what define you, then what you are saying is “My life and message have zero substance, therefore I need to rely on other things to provide the substance. Because if you really knew me, you wouldn’t be impressed.”

Don’t be sold by the Easy Button Of Life.
Life is difficult.
I don’t care who you are, there is no avoiding illness, business and marriage failure, loss of friendships and many other challenges that come our way.
However, we don’t have to be victims. And that’s the difference between a life well-lived and one that never reaches it’s potential.
With every challenge that comes our way, we have to make a decision: Are we going to be drama queens and bring everyone else around us down, coordinating a life long pity party for ourselves? Or are we going to rise up – understanding the sun will still come up tomorrow and with tomorrow comes and new opportunity to make things better.

Keep in mind, there is always somebody watching you and your reactions. If you want to be a leader, you need followers.
Leaders don’t throw pity parties.

But let me tell you something to alleviate the pressure: There is no expectations for you to be perfect.
Truth is, I’m the most flawed person you will ever meet. Guaranteed.
I have demons just like you.
I have skeletons in my closet just like you.
I’ve done some pretty stupid things in my life that I would never want anyone to ever find out about. Sometimes I wonder if God will even let me visit heaven, let alone spend eternity there. I’ve messed up pretty bad and I pray for forgiveness each and every day.

But you know something? I can’t change the past and neither can you.
All we can do is try to be better than the person we were yesterday. THAT is our competitor. It’s not your co-worker. It’s not another business or brand that shares your customer base.
It is You From Yesterday.
If you can be better than You From Yesterday, you’ve made progress.

We’re off and running with the New And Improved Every Day Is Saturday blog….YAY!

My goal is to inspire you to take chances, have fun and be a kid again. I love kids because they just don’t care. They’ll try anything if it looks like fun. Kids have no fear. Kids don’t care about being judged, they learn that later when they find peer groups and then try to fit in to the same group they were just in but now it’s changed because insanity has set in……and on we go into adulthood trying to fit into new groups.
It’s all so insane isn’t it?

Be a kid.
Have fun.
Try to do something kind for someone new every day.

If you a have a bad day, reach out for help. But don’t overplay your victim card, you only get to use it once in a while:) You are here on earth to serve others. You can’t be a good servant to others if you’re always a victim.
It’s OK to watch Lifetime movies all day while binging on cake & ice cream but then you have to get off the couch and make something happen in your life. It’s the only life you’re going to get.
Let’s go make something out of it, shall we?