Erin Hopkins is co-founder of Erin is an Indiana native, growing up in Evansville. She graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business/Marketing. After moving to Phoenix in 2003, she has worked in various aspects of business and marketing. Erin worked as the Director of Business Development of a third-party logistics company for several years then made a choice to get into Internet Marketing. She also worked for Infusionsoft in Arizona, mastering not only the product, but gaining the experience and knowledge to help any business. With her knowledge and expertise, she enables AutoMarketing Pros to help entrepreneurs online and offline. Erin has increased sales revenue over 1000% on a single account, and has even had a customer describe her consulting help as the “Erinazation” of his company. Are you ready to be Erin-ized? Erin will show you how to avoid leaving massive amounts of cash on the table with your clients The art is in the follow up. Of course, we share a tons of laughs about the trials and tribulations of the entrepreneur. All in the name of making Every Day Saturday. Enjoy!