If you want to build a business quickly, there’s no better way than through the power of a joint venture.

What is a joint venture?
A joint venture aka JV is when a couple business owners agree to promote each other. That’s my lay person definition.

Here’s an example:
Joe sells tooth brushes online.
Mary sells cat food.

Joe agrees to promote Mary’s cat food to his followers. In return, Mary agrees to promote Joe’s tooth brushes to her followers.
Joe and Mary both use unique affiliate links in their emails, so they can track sales.
Both Joe and Mary get paid based on the amount of sales they make of each other’s products.

That’s my abbreviated version but it’s pretty close.
Except, I’m not sure how tooth brushes and cat food go together.

Unfortunately, there’s a down side to all of this.

Sammy’s got your back on this one.