When you align your self-worth with things like:
A job title
A beautiful house
A fancy car
And others status symbols of prestige…..
You’re really saying:
I have no life….. Strip me of all my fancy titles and bank accounts and I am nobody.

I see this time and time again and lived this reality firsthand.
For 15 years in the land of the corporate misfit toys, I saw grown men and women’s lives turn for the better when given accolades and money.
Conversely, I saw their lives come crashing down when they did not receive their highly-coveted promotion or employee-of-the month parking spot.

Today, we discuss this disease know as:
Empty Life Syndrome

The good news is that there’s a cure.
I’ll share it with you on today’s podcast.


PS Did I tell you the story about my car being repossessed while I was hosting a Monday Night Motivation call?
You’ll love it!
Listen to today’s show to hear the entire story.