So you venture out into the exciting world of entrepreneurship.
You said ‘No Thank You’ to people telling you what to do, what to say, how to say it, what to think and basically everything else that ‘The Machine’ spews.

With that being said, can I ask you a question?
Why in the heck are you still letting people control you?

Over the past two years I have witnessed the dumbing down of the entrepreneur.
It’s so prevalent inside certain circles of Entrepreneur-ville that it has me shaking my head.

Specifically, I am speaking of what is commonly referred to as “Shiny Object Syndrome.”
I wrote about this in a past blog post – You can read it here – but want to expand on it today because I have now championed the Shiny Object movement.
I want you to be a ‘Biz Opp Hopper’ and feel the same thrills myself and thousands of successful entrepreneurs feel.

I want you to not only notice shiny objects, I want you to chase them.
Check that, I want you to do more than just chase them – I want you to catch them.
And when you catch them, use them for however long you like before moving onto a brand new shiny object.

Do shiny objects stay shiny forever?
After awhile, the polish goes away and they look like all those other trophies that end up on your mantle.
When the polish has worn off, you have two choices:
– Add some varnish to that bad boy and say ‘Giddy Up!’
– Throw it away and go after another.
Either one is fine but we have a rule in Shiny Object land: No complaining!

The traditional school of thought about people who jump from opportunity to opportunity is that they never have success with one, let alone the other 25 they are trying.
They should stick with one thing until they are successful.
Bull Crap!

What’s the solution?
Stay in the same biz opp for life and go broke?

You’ve seen the same studies I have that show 95% of people in MLM, network marketing and biz ops never make a dime.
So we know most will never succeed and yet we want them to stay in the same business anyway? Can you say Titanic?
Or is it a chicken and the egg thing – where the reason they are failing is because they keep jumping ship?

Who knows.
But you know what I find ironic?
The same people who chastise others for jumping from business to business are the same people who will quote Edison:
“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
Yet, the so-called business guru doesn’t want their person to try 10 different ways, let alone 10,000.

Can we all just address the elephant in the room and say what this really is:
It’s a money grab.

The only person who gives a rat’s ass whether you jump into a new biz pop is your sponsor/upline.
Because they now have to recruit someone to replace you.
Think about it:
Does your spouse care?
Do your parents care?
Does you mailman care?
Does your aunt or uncle care?

But the person who gets that monthly residual off you sure does care and they will lay a huge guilt trip on you for even thinking about trying to work two deals at one time.
What if they other deal is better than theirs, earning you more income with less hassle?
The irony is crazy.
Here’s a so-called ‘successful’ biz opp sponsor worried about losing one person, rather than recruiting a thousand more and never worrying (or knowing) who left for another opportunity.
The epitome of a scarcity mindset.

Humans are multi-tasking machines.
Each day we juggle work, school, family, laundry, dishes, DIY home projects, volunteer work and a host of other tasks.
But if you try and work more than one business at a time, all of a sudden you are rendered incompetent.

How can we multi-task at home and be so successful?
Answer: Because we don’t try and do two completely different things at once.

– We don’t vacuum the floor while blow drying our hair.
– We don’t brush our teeth while ironing a shirt.
– We don’t mow the lawn while changing diapers

Same with business:
When you are focused on one of your businesses, give it all of your attention at that moment.

When I’m getting ready to go on stage, I am laser-focused on my message, PPT slides and the energy of the crowd. I’ve given the moment 100% of my attention. I’m what you would refer to as ‘In The Zone.’
I allow for zero distractions because I want to give the crowd every ounce of my passion.

Last fall I spoke to 1,000 people at an entrepreneurial event in Los Angeles. I wasn’t supped to go on stage until 4pm, so I had the entire day to do other business activities.

I woke up, went to the hotel gym and had breakfast after my workout.
Then I went to a creative spot, usually by a tree or the pool and I worked on the biz opp I was in at that time.
“Worked on” means I created content (articles, blog, video, etc) bought some traffic and other stuff to generate leads to drive to my sales funnel.
That took about 90 minutes.

After a short break I went back to my room and recorded a new Every Day Is Saturday podcast.
That took 30 minutes to record, edit and get onto iTunes.

It was around 12 noon, so I took a long lunch and then checked the daily spreadsheet of my rental properties, which my manager sends me.
Rents, expenses, repairs, vacancies, etc.
I checked in with my property manager with a brief 15 minute phone call.

Then I put everything aside, grabbed my speaking gear and made my way to the event.

I’d say I accomplished quite a bit prior to taking the stage.
Could I have spent three hours on traffic-driving techniques for my biz pop?
Could I have gone over my rentals with a fine tooth comb, looking how we can cut expenses and raise rents? Maybe an extra hour or so?
But why?

I became an entrepreneur to have fun.
I get bored easily and my time is valuable. It’s all we have, we cannot get more time. Yesterday is gone forever.

For example, I have no interest in jumping on hangouts & webinars.
You know what I do when I want to learn something?
I Google it.
And you should too.

Listen real closely because this next line is going to set you free and make you a ton of money at the same time.
If you are a novice in ANY topic, Google your questions and you’ll find all of your answers without having to buy products, jump on webinars or go to an event.
I mean anything.

– Website design
– Video Marketing
– Personal development (assuming you think Tony Robbins is a pretty good teacher)
– and one billion other topics.

When I first wanted to learn more about Facebook marketing, I began searching my favorite site: Youtube.
I watched tutorials on how to set up fan pages, sponsored ads, right hand side ads, post boost, etc.
I had more than enough information to take action and begin using Facebook to drive leads to my landing pages.

When I wanted to play with the big boys and up my game, learning what the top 1% do: I bought Don Wilson’s course for $1,000 and studied it.
I honestly cannot remember the last stand alone product I paid $1,000 for….it must have been 5 years or more since I bought a marketing course for more than a few hundred dollars.
But Don’s course was worth it because it made me money.

Now I used those same Facebook tactics to drive leads to my MOBE and EDIS Funnels – making me money daily.

You don’t need to spend money.
You need to invest money.

I invested in Empower Network two years ago.
I invested in MOBE in July and have earned $12k in 21 days.
I invest in real estate
I have a new business investment that will earn me $1M in the next twelve months, which I’ll be sharing with my list soon.

My connections in Empower for example, have earned me six figures. I met some very smart people and have studied their habits, modeling what I feel will help me.
However, I wasn’t a sheep.
If I didn’t feel like being on a hangout, I didn’t go.
If I didn’t want to go to a live event, I didn’t go.
Did it hurt my income?

I watched the recordings I needed to watch and implemented what was needed.

Think of a top online marketer, or business person.
Do you think Gary Vee logs onto a GoToMeeting four nights a week to learn?
Can you see Frank Kern jumping on endless wake ups calls to be inspired?

But Sam, I’m not in their league.
Yes you are in their league…..You are a human-freaking-being!

Why do you put these people at the right hand of God?

Pull up your big boy and big girl pants. Get online and watch pre-recorded trainings that will get you inspired and teach you specified knowledge.
Why the heck are you on endless webinars? There’s always a recording. If not the exact webinar you wanted, there’s a similar one. My God, there are millions of free tutorials online – find one.

And one more thing:
Hire someone to watch the recorded webinars. Go to and pay $5 to have someone watch and make an outline of the highlights.
For most webinars, the transcript will look like this:

– Welcome from the host
– I’m great
– This is my story…I was broke, starving, homeless, toothless and terminally ill.
– Now I’m not.
– Some content
– Did I mention how great I am?
– Buy my stuff, here’s my offer.

When you see it in writing, you’ll begin to see how much time you’ve wasted being a professional webinar attendee.

Write this down:
Wealthy people buy their time.
Poor people sell their time.

Hire people to do your grunt work. You don’t have to do this every day but try it. See how much more time you have and how little content you were getting on the trainings

Chasing shiny objects is fun.
Chasing shiny objects will make you rich.

Please pay attention.
This is so important, I’m going to put the entire next sentence in bold.

If you choose to chase shiny objects, you are not allowed to complain to anyone about how difficult things are.

You’re in three different biz opps, which is perfectly fine. However, you’re not making money and you make the fatal decision to call one of your sponsors.
Or worse, you post on Facebook (don’t get me started on Facebook dirty laundry).
It goes something like this….
“I’m not making any money. This business doesn’t work. I’m quitting and going with my friend’s biz opp because she says I’ll make money….”

That, my friend, is reason # 2 (after reason #1: You might leave and their residual your sponsor earns off you stops) why every top earner in the world hates when people on their team chase the next shiny object.
You whine and complain to them.
You’re a time vampire.
Nobody wants to hear you complain about your three biz pops not working. Heck, nobody wants to hear about your ONE biz opp not working.

The worst person you can ever have on your team is Shiny Object Chaser Who Complains.
Don’t be that person. If you don’t have a passion any longer for the biz opp you’re in, then quietly walk away and don’t bash the company.
No company is perfect, so take the high road and move along.

However, when you implement the thought process and strategies in this blog post, you’ll be on your way to being a happier, healthier and wealthier person.

Diversification has always been the key to success in business. Investment bankers never advise clients to put their eggs in one basket because that basket may collapse, then what are you left with?
The same goes for business opportunities. The company you are involved with may not be here next year. It doesn’t mean their products are bad. It simply means they took the path of most biz opps: Here today. Gone tomorrow.

Go reap the harvest while it’s plentiful and stop worrying about what may happen next year.
You might be hit by a bus next week, while planning for next year.

You became an entrepreneur because of the endless thrills the journey provides.
Don’t let anyone tell you how to run your life, or how many businesses you can invest in.
Life is short.
Go have some fun!