What if?

What if your business was not this big boulder you needed to push up a hill in order to gain momentum?
What if your business was something you used to serve a community?
What if your business was not made up of dollars & cents but of people and stories?
What if your business was your ministry?

Last night I met with Kerry and Wanda Landon, who are realtors in Cincinnati, OH. They also happen to be the realtors who have listed our home for sale. My wife and I chatted with Kerry and Wanda for over an hour, just hanging out in our kitchen.

I asked them how long they had been realtors, they said over 10 years.
I asked what it’s like to have to sell to eat each month – it’s my favorite question for entrepreneurs.

They answered “We decided when we first began that we were going to make our business our ministry. Since then, it’s given us more joy than we could ever imagine.”
Wow. I was speechless.
I’ve never heard that answer before. You know I had to make a podcast about it, right?