A few months ago, I received a message from a guy in the Philippines, named Zach Crawford. He reached out to me on Facebook to let me know how much of an impact my message has had on his life.

Zach explained how he was hit by a drunk driver a few years ago, became addicted to drugs & alcohol, then was on the verge of committing suicide.

His father, Guy Crawford told Zach to listen to this ‘Sam Crowley guy’ and see if it will inspire him in any way to move forward.

Fast forward to today, Zach is earning $50,000 a month online. HIs life has never been better. He’s smiling non-stop and squeezing all the best out of what life has to offer.
In that message he sent me on Facebook a few months ago,  Zach asked if he could come to Cincinnati to personally thank me for saving his life.
Yesterday Zach, his dad and myself met for lunch.

I feel like the lucky one because Zach has inspired ME.
I explain more on today’s show.
It’s a keeper.