If you don’t have multiple streams of income, you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of pain.

The best advice I ever received when I first began my entrepreneurial journey was from my friend Russ Whitney. Russ said to me: “Sam, if you’re going to get started in real estate, you better go big. There’s no sense in settling for one or two units, when you can just as easily own 40.
If you have 40 units and four of them are vacant, you only have a a 10% vacancy rate.
However if you only have eight units and four are vacant, you’re in deep trouble.”

Russ was 100% correct.

I’m involved in several different businesses, all of which are uniquely different.
And that silly saying about chasing shiny objects?
Dumbest thing ever and comes from a low, scarcity mindset.

I’ll explain everything in today’s podcast.