This week’s spiritual podcast was so juicy, we had
two break it into two parts.

You can listen to Part One today.
Part two will be ready for download tomorrow.

Shane Harden, Pastor of Branches Church in Loveland, OH joined me in the studio.
Shane and I have been friends for 10 years.
He knew me when I was at my lowest points and also has been there
for all the success with Every Day Is Saturday.

We touched all the rails of religion such as:
Which religion is correct?
Do heaven & hell exist?
What about the Christian Hypocrites and all the nonsense they spew.
What does Shane say to a mother who loses her child? How does a loving God allow that to happen?
What happens when we die? …..Will we know each other as we are?

And deep questions like “How does God feel about the F Bomb?”

Enjoy the show!

PS Feel free to send Shane a message on Facebook and let him know you listened to the show.
Ask him your own questions about faith, God, religion and why we are here.