Do you want to find your passion and purpose in life?
Do you visualize a huge audience following  you and your message?

It’s easier than you think. I explain more on today’s podcast

Also, here’s a letter I received from one of the listeners, Gary Pittman.
A heart-breaking story but at the same time – a story that will inspire you to go after your very own Saturday.

I also read Gary’s email on the podcast because it fit perfectly with the message.
Go for your dream, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

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Good Morning Sam,

I’m not sure if your going to be looking for a subject for today’s podcast or not, but I would like to make a suggestion if I may.

Yesterday you talked about how important it is to have “focus” on whatever it is your trying to do and it really hit home for me.

The word focus has a whole new meaning for me because of what happened to us back in December of 2012. Our oldest daughter Marybeth was a patient of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for over 10 years because of a brain tumor that we discovered when she was 10 years old. She endured countless Dr appointments and procedures along with 12 brain surgeries along a stretch of 17 years. She got to the point to where she was one of the oldest surviving patients with the type of tumor she had.

They decided that they wanted to start a new study of her in hopes of finding some more information as to why she had survived for so long.

At the time we lived a couple of hours away from Memphis where the hospital is located, so we made the decision to pack up and move to Memphis so that she could be closer and that it would be less hassle for her and us as well.

Unfortunately the very night we moved to Memphis on Dec 21, 2012 she fell asleep in the car never to wake again. My wife and her had stopped about an hour and half from Memphis at McDonalds to get her some chicken nuggets because they were one of her favorite things to eat. My wife said that she had gotten enough for them to share and one of the last things Marybeth told her was to not eat the “Boot nuggets” because those were her very favorite. Until that point I had never even noticed that some of the nuggets actually do look like a boot.

Anyway to try and make a long story short. Marybeth didn’t actually die until New Years eve at 6:05 in the evening. Come to find out she had had multiple strokes and was found to be brain dead. The decision to take one of your children off of life support was the hardest thing imaginable to do but we did so that she could have peace.

My wife laid in the bed with her for 51 hours and the whole time I had to keep telling her to “FOCUS” so that she could stay strong. She had taken her to almost all of her appointments in the past and I told her that she had to focus on getting her to one more. You never really think of death as an appointment until your faced with it.

My wife and I will celebrate our 32 anniversary in March and I can tell you that life has a whole new meaning for us. What we used to think was important no longer is.

I’m not telling you all of this to make you sad or upset I just wanted you to know that people like you are what keeps me going. You have a deep passion for what you do and I am trying with everything in me to find mine.

I can feel that I’m close but not quite there yet. So my request for a subject would be on passion and desire.

My wife spent so much of her life living for Marybeth that I now want to help her find her passion and desire to start living life for herself.
Looking forward to today’s show!!!

Have a great weekend Sam.

Gary Pittman