I met Dennis Cummins a few years ago when I spoke at a large event n Los Angeles. He was the lead trainer and MC for the entire event. A dynamic personality, full of life and energy – with an incredible passion for life.

What I didn’t realize was that Dennis and his family were engaged in a fierce battle against an insidious disease that won’t let up.

Dennis recently wrote a book titled: “Turning Terrible into Terrific”, that was inspired by his daughter Lauren, who has faced some amazingly difficult medical challenges her entire life but has always remained amazingly positive.
The news for Lauren has not gotten better.
As a matter of fact, it has gotten worse. But neither Dennis nor Lauren will give the circumstance any negative energy.

If you ask Lauren how she is doing, her response is:  “HPH” which stands for Happy, Positive and Healthy.

After listening to Dennis, you won’t be sweating the small stuff.
Lauren is a fighter and amazing spirit, sent here to inspire all of us to live for today.