Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Zach Crawford.
Zach is Psychologically Unemployable. Which, by the way, is the name of his company.

Zach has an amazing story.
Not long ago he went out for a ride on his motorcycle. That is when his life would change forever. Zach was struck by drunk driver, spent weeks inside a hospital, followed by months of grueling rehab.

The driver who struck him had no insurance, so Zach was left with insurmountable debt. Collection calls were coming fast and furious.
Zach felt the only way out was to take his own life.
One day his father handed him some CD’s from  Sam Crowley. It was then, that Zach’s life turned around.

Would you believe Zach Crawford now earns $50,000 a month?
It’s true.

Zach shares his long journey for all our Every Day Is Saturday listeners.