Sam Crowley started the Every Day is Saturday worldwide movement 18 years ago. He’s been a guest speaker numerous times and has shared the stage with titans of the industry, such as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, and many other world-renowned speakers.


He has the longest-running, #1 motivational podcast on the planet, with over 20 MILLION downloads and listeners from over 226 countries.

The podcast recordings were done from his car in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot each morning. Sam’s motto is “Do Simple Better”.

Sam is a highly sought-after business coach, who’s helped over 4,000 people discover the power of their Million Dollar Message, and they’ve been able to experience what it’s like for every day to be a Saturday!

So what does Every Day is Saturday mean?

One day, Sam got home from work, and his daughter said, “Daddy, is tomorrow Saturday?” Sam experienced extreme guilt when he heard this question because he knew his daughter was really saying, “Daddy, can you spend time with me?” 

At that moment, he vowed to make every day a Saturday. This allowed Sam to focus on the essential things in life, including spending more time with his family and doing what he loved.

What would that look like for you if you had the chance to make every day a Saturday?

Take a moment to REALLY think about that. 

Saturday isn’t a circumstance or only one day of the week when you can do whatever you want.

Saturday is a mindset.

Everybody has a story to share and a lesson to teach. 

Do you have your purpose-driven message that wakes you up at 3 am?

Imagine receiving an email from someone across the world that you’ve never met, saying your story changed their life. How would that make you feel?

Your life has meaning. You are significant. You have a purpose for being here.

Do you know what people regret most when they're dying?

They never chased their dream!

Something tells me you’re different. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. 

You’re the type of person who wants to make a difference before you leave this earth.

Sam’s helped thousands of people find fulfillment by teaching them how to create their purpose-driven messages. 


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