Sam Crowley and the Every Day Is Saturday message have blessed the lives and touched the souls of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Take a peek at some of the stories below!

“My husband really did not ‘get into’ personal development before seeing your presentation. However your down-to-Earth approach to self awareness and your motivational messages have completely turned his life around.

We now have our dreams aligned, we are on the same page with regards to work and business and we have committed to reassessing things in two years with a vision to getting our dream business off the ground! Right now we are researching it and getting things properly aligned… getting our ducks in a row as you say. Thank you Sam the Saturday man!!!


Canberra, Australia

“Sam has a practical, inspiring approach to help you realize who you truly are and empower you to stretch to reach your dreams! There is a solution for each challenge we encounter that will take us to the next level in life. Sam has helped me to narrow my focus to be a solution-driven, forward-thinker allowing me to enjoy new success in my personal relationships as well as in my organization. Thank you for your contribution to me & the world, Sam! You are making a positive impact across the globe.”

Shaun W. Smith

Founder, Discounts for a Cause
Miami, FL
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“Sam – You have an incredible story and gave me the inspiration to share mine with others as well. I took back a lot of pearls from your message and I’m applying them in business and my relationship with my 14 year old daughter. You make a difference brother. Congratulations on your continued success.”

Tim Long

Bedo Corp

“When I first heard Sam’s story I was working at a job that I knew I couldn’t see myself staying in. I too had small children at home, who weren’t yet asking if tomorrow would be Saturday but I could envision that happening if I didn’t make a change.

At that time I decided to commit to making changes in my life to create the kind of life I wanted to live. I started finding ways to leave my job behind, and designing my life the way I wanted it to be.

That’s why I’ve continually sought out mentors and coaches who’ve helped me be able to leave my job so I can work from home, and build my own business which allows me to have 3 meals a day with my kids and be involved in their lives in a real way. I now am able to help others follow their passions by connecting them to mentors who can help them reach their ultimate potential.

Best of Success,”

“Sam Crowley is a true motivator, great teacher and inspirational leader. I admire Sam for his honesty and having the guts to be who he is and to speak the truth as loudly as he can — no matter what! And best of all, to practice what he preaches.

Sam’s straight-from-the-heart, high-energy, passionate message is empowering, uplifting and contagious! Sam’s incredible story gave me inspiration to share mine with others as well. He helped me get rid of my fears and doubts and I found a confidence I did not know was possible. I got inspired, encouraged and dared to step up, tell my story and go after my dream…

THANK YOU Sam for believing in me and being a GREAT mentor. You made a profound difference in my life and for that I am deeply grateful.”

Sonja Bendz

International Best-Selling Author
Copenhagen – Denmark

“Sam at first came across to me as a screaming banshee of enthusiasm, and I wondered whether this was a marketing ploy or the authentic nature of the man. Video by video and after purchasing the EDIS training modules… I became convinced that Sam was Sam. And that’s good. Sam speaks from the heart with wisdom and adrenaline-sparking calls to action. He’s the real deal and I turn to his messages of hope and call to action whenever I feel in a funk.


Richard Posner

Tokyo, Japan

“Wow, Sam!

I am not sure where to start really, in terms of the difference you have made in my life and business. It’s not a tangible thing that I can put my finger on but it comes down to your belief in your listeners, and therefore me.

I knew it was possible to create a lifestyle business, but the belief that I could actually do it was buried deep. Each time I connect with you, whether that is through your podcasts or personally you bring that belief right to the forefront. Without that I have nothing.

So thank you Sam, I now am up and running with my business, taking leaps of faith and growing in strides. Your honesty and no-fluff approach keeps it real and living a life I love!


Jennie Harland-Knah


“Dear Sam,

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for your participation at our conference in Hawaii.

I came back to Australia and have had great flash back to your presentations and the energy in the room for the 1000’s in attendance.

I have to say when the music started and the whole room stood and clapped it gave me the great memory of years ago being at Club Med on a holiday — what a feeling for a Conference to bring out in someone who has been a work-a-holic in the Corporate world since 1983!! Yep the 16 hours days often 7 days a week — all sound familiar.

So I have visited your site and joined up which is fantastic and have already received the E-book — AGAIN WITH GRATITUDE AND A GREAT ATTITUDE — THANK YOU!!”

Penelope-Ann Sullivan

“Hi Sam,

I wanted to send you HUGE THANK YOU and a HUGE HUG and MUCH LOVE AND GRATITUDE for what you did for our organization. If people could have seen that room from the outside, I believe it would have been glowing there was so much positive, high vibration energy there.

Thank you so much for stepping up to the plate and sticking to your vision. Now you are a shining example to others to do the same thing.

Anyway, I want you to know that you have made a tremendous difference in my life, and in the lives of all the people who were there with us as well. I think you have probably impacted our culture forever, as we all continue to address each other as CHAMPION!!

I can’t thank you enough, Sam. I do hope our paths will cross again sometime.

Much, much LOVE to you, my brother,”


Grand Rapids, MI

“Since I started following Sam Crowley’s program, I have known the “Secret”: Fear is the most vicious enemy human beings have ever faced. Since I realized this and decided to overcome fear and implement all Sam’s ideas with my projects, I’m living a happy life and have tripled my monthly income.”

Evode K.

Kigali-Rwanda, East Africa

“Oh My God, Sam,

I’ve just listened to the download of your CD. I saw you on stage and you really touched my heart. But I’ve just listened to your CD and read the transcript and I’m blown away.

I have read so many books, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Wallace Wattles, Robert Kiyosaki etc. and I’ve learned so much from them — but it was like learning at a distance. I don’t know if it’s because I had a chance to meet you as a person and not just see you up on stage as a speaker, but there is something about the message that you are giving that has really hit home with me.

It’s now 3.50am in the UK and I am wide awake through jet lag, listening to your downloaded CD and it has made me cry. I cried when I heard you live, but hearing it again, away from the hype of the seminar, is unreal. People need to hear your story and I really want to help. I have no idea how. I’m just a tiny little fish in an even smaller pond, but somehow I want to help get your story told. People talk about a ‘defining moment’ for them, well I think listening to your CD was my defining moment.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you must get loads of e-mails like this, and I feel a bit silly even sending it, but I’ll put it down to the jet lag and press send anyway.

Kind regards,”

Bev Thorogood

United Kingdom


I’m sending this message to say thank you. The impact you had on me, my wife, and our whole organization is second to none! Your example and your message speaks volumes to people who just simply want to enjoy life again. Because of you, I realized I barely touched my true potential. Thank you! Everybody deserves to hear your message.

We are very grateful you entered our lives.”

Lou Ventre

Scottsdale, AZ

“G’day Sam,

My name is Rania, I had the pleasure of attending your live event last month.

You had a profound effect on myself and everyone else in attendance, so congratulations and thank you.

I really connected with the way you expressed points in a humorous way such as “I see dead people.” So true! Now I will chuckle and repeat that line when I see dead people.

I loved the “wrap an emotional bow around your dream” Great analogy Sam, works for me!

I loved ‘the quality of your thoughts determine the quality of your life’

The most important thing I realized from listening to you is everyone has a story. I’m not the only one. You have seen adversity and hit rock bottom and look at you now. Anyone can bounce back and bounce back fierce and 100 times more powerful than before. You are a perfect example for me so thank you for sharing your story.

Well done!

Warm Regards,”

Rania El-zahar

Brisbane, Australia

“Hi Sam,

I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about your presentation ever since you gave it in at our conference. It really moved me.
Iam incredibly grateful to you for sharing your stories and inspiring me so much.

I have never been so clear and so focused in my entire life. For many years I always knew I was meant for bigger and better things but could not put my finger on it, I could never find my purpose. After hearing what you spoke about, it dawned on me that my purpose is to help others through speaking, mentoring and just assisting others anyway I can.

All the best,”

Phil Tanguay

New Brunswick, Canada


I just wanted to say thank you.

Your presentation was one of those rare few hours when those present got a true gift. You are amazing! Thanks for being you and having the courage to share your beingness with us.

All the Best,”

David Lang

“Hi Sam,

I cannot describe in words, the impact you made on my life after seeing your amazing presentation on stage. At the age of 53 I thought many times what is my purpose in life? Now the door is wide open!

You are my HERO!

Your sense of humor is gripping. Your life story, so much I can relate to. You are so natural. The same quotes I use, Freedom is not free, You miss 100% of the shots you do not take (on my business cards). The poems you illustrated, all resonated with me.

Anything I can do to help you or others, I am more than willing. Thank you once again my friend. God bless you and your family and the great contribution you are making to humanity. I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Alex Stephen

Marlboro, MA

“Hi Sam!

Thanks again for your amazing talk, I have never been so inspired & I have been to many personal development seminars. Thanks again for coming into my life & inspiring me more than I have ever been inspired. I am more excited than ever about creating ‘Nirvana’ & empowering the elderly!

All the best to you & your wonderful family,”

Kim Phillips

Sydney, Australia

“Sam Crowley’s ‘Every day Is Saturday’ message is very inspirational and has helped me tremendously in taking my business to a whole new level. This happened as a result of his teachings helping me to change my way of thinking which is by far the most important key to changing income. I love hearing him speak because he has come from the everyday working type of lifestyle, to owning his own business and also branding himself online, which is what I’m working on as well.
If you haven’t heard him speak, I encourage you to do so. This could very well be a life-changer for you and will get you on the path to success like you have never experienced before!”

Terry Walker

Charlotte, North Carolina

“Sam Crowley has inspired me to consciously and deliberately create the life of my dreams. With his powerful authentic messages and practical informative video coaching programs, I have gained both the courage and the knowledge I need to move my new business forward. Without Sam I never would have known how simple and easy it is to create my own podcast series. Thank you Sam for, having the courage and passion to share your message as you do!

Warm Regards,”

Susanne Hemet

Barrie, Ontario, Canada


You are such a big inspiration to me. Your down to earth, no nonsense teachings have greatly impacted my life.

When I first met you, I was so scared of life and moving forward. I was so unhappy with my mediocre life, but yet too afraid of making it better. You helped me to find my courage and burst through any obstacles in my way (wearing my hazmat suit of course). You gave me permission to think big, outside of the small self I always thought myself to be.

I know now that I can never really fail at anything when I am passionate about what I do. That each hurdle is an opportunity to grow and to learn. This champion mindset has changed my personal and professional life. I never worry about “how” something is going to work, I just remember your stories of how things worked for you, when it seemed impossible, I know it will work for me.

My network marketing business is growing; through my business I am helping people get healthy and wealthy, with health supplements and business opportunities.

Thank you for believing in me and for having the courage to change your life and helping others to change theirs. You are truly a gift to the world; a gift that keeps on giving.”

Charlotte Cary


“Dear Sam,

Since you have come into my life… yes, you’re a part of my life now, I have been able to accomplish so much more in my business and personal life. I have always had an entrepreneurial mind/spirit, but since I have been joining in on your webinars, phone calls, and watching your videos, I’ve been able to accomplish SO MUCH MORE.

I am a Tax Accountant by trade with my own business. Earlier this year I built and launched 2 websites http://www.audiotaxhelp.com (audio downloads pertaining to tax matters), and http://wisepersonsguide.com (a book on how to start a business). My book has gained the interest of a publisher in New Zealand who wishes to publish it as a Q&A self help guide. I am very excited about the possibility of becoming a published author.

Sam, I am so pleased to have come in contact with you. You have inspired me to push forward in my life and to… LIVE LIFE ON MY OWN TERMS.

Keep up the good work!! You’re Awesome!!


Angela A.

Los Angeles, CA

“Sam Crowley is the Real Deal. He does not sugar coat anything and he does teach anything he has not learned or been through himself.

His story is one that gave me hope that I could actually do something with my life that I want to do instead of just plodding through life always doing what you Have to do instead of what you LOVE to do. I am 54 years old still sorting out what is I would Love to do, but this old dog has been taught some pretty cool new tricks by Sam.
I am still scared spit less and learning and moving slow as a turtle, but as the story goes… the turtle wins and get this — I am not even racing against the rabbit or anyone else. I just have to race for me and mine. I’ve got a long way to go yet, but with Sam’s constant encouragement and at times brutal honestly I really believe I am going to make it and finish the race well with all my music in me shared.

As a bit of proof that I am moving forward thanks to Sam— After lessoning to some of Sam’s Everyday Is Saturday interviews and recordings I have registered the domain name: www.myeverydayfreedom.com (since Everyday is Saturday was taken — go Sam) And I am working on getting a web site/ blog and pod cast up and running so be on the look out for that. There is a desperate need for Motivators and Encouragers in this world and with Sam’s help I will be one of them.

To quote another famous motivator — See you at the top!”


“I’ve been a coach for over ten years and through those years I’ve hired a number of different coaches for myself. Some were good and some fell short of my expectations. I’ve followed Sam for more than a year now and have been so inspired and ‘pumped’ after listening to and learning from Sam that I’ve signed on with him for some one-on-one coaching. One of the best business decisions I’ve made so far! Thanks Sam, for sharing your knowledge and especially your ‘let’s go crush it’ attitude.”

Dan Heimer

“When I think back of the people that have made a difference to me during the past year, there are only a few that come to mind. Right up there is Sam Crowley whose EDIS spirit and message has been a unique source of energy and inspiration. I am a better person for meeting you Sam.”

John McGillivray


“The videos I’ve been watching on Sam’s video blog have reminded me that our conditions don’t determine our destiny, it’s our decisions. And how our story isn’t were we start, it’s were we take it too. His belief in what he says makes him authentic. Sam has the ability to take anyone’s life to the next level and can show them what’s still possible. Sam’s strategies and tools can take you from where you are, to where you want to be in life.

But the final part of success is up to the student to apply the knowledge, work smarter, and follow certain principles. For when we set goals, we predict our future, when we create plans, we define our future, and when we act, we make our future.”

Sterling Lowery

Richmond, VA USA

“Sam taught me how to create my own podcast show from scratch (something I never imagined I could do!)
I’ve been able to interview and network with top health & nutrition experts that I would never have had access to without the tools and strategies that Sam taught me!


Thanks Sam!!”

Tom Corson-Knowles

Granger, IN