A self-taught website coder, Julia experienced firsthand all the frustrations and brick walls of navigating the tech industry on her own, without the aid of knowledgeable and supportive friends and co-workers. She needed a place to ask questions, learn new skills, stay up-to-date on industry changes, and look ahead to future opportunities. Not finding such a place, Julia decided to create one, and GeekPackĀ® was born.
As a (former) intelligence officer and military wife, Julia understands that time flexibility and location independence are becoming increasingly essential for personal and professional success.
As her family life evolved and her business grew, her skills increased in value and demand. Her accomplishments and growth have allowed her to work from home, embrace the RV life (for a year and a half!), travel, and happily realize she can literally work from anywhere.
With her beautiful Labrador Retriever, Blue by her side, Julia has taught over 3,500 students and that number increases daily. A passionate advocate for women (and men!) to learn the technical skills she has proven to contribute to financial stability and independence, she maintains sincere interest, guidance, and watchfulness over her students.
With her team of Geeks, Julia joyfully marches steadily towards her dream of empowering 100,000 women with in-demand technical skills.

You can see all about Julia Taylor and learn more about GeekPack here