Month: August 2014

God Is With You. Good Times And Bad.

Shane Harden joins me once again for the Sunday Spiritual Podcast. We discuss the journey of Baby Susan and how you feel the connection to God when times are [...]

Inch By Inch…It’s A Cinch

Isn't it funny? Each day we think think things are moving slowly. And then we look back after three months and see how much has changed. And don't get me [...]

Be Like Beyonce`

I was watching the VMA's Sunday night and thought "Why can't everyone be like Beyonce`? Interesting question. We search for the answer on today's [...]

The Genius Of Dollar Shave Club

Have you ever heard of Dollar Shave Club and it's founder Mike Dubin? I was thinking of Mike today and about how this kid launched a multi-million dollar [...]

Passion and Purpose Are The Glue That Keeps Wealth Sticking To You

I was in San Diego last weekend for a mastermind and heard a multimillionaire describe the lowest point of his life. Ironically, the  deoth of his despair [...]