Heaven, Hell & Atheism……Shane Harden Interview – Part Two

Welcome to part two of my interview with Shane Harden, Pastor of Branches Church in Loveland, OH.

We pick up where we left off yesterday.

Heaven & Hell. Does it exist?
If so, who gets in & who gets left out in the cold (or heat).

I have lots of friends who are atheists. Does this make them bad people?
Some of my atheists friends are less judgmental than my Christian friends.

And more…
If you thought we hit all taboo topics of Part One, you ain’t seen nothing yet.



  1. Hi Sam,
    Really enjoyed the Everyday is Saturday & Sunday Show with you & your new Co-Host Pastor Shane. (-:
    He is definitely a walker and not just a talker. It is nice to listen to a Pastor who is not afraid to say he doesn’t know about some things and is more concerned with loving people & being Christ to folks instead of just telling people about Him.
    Like you Sam, I was raised a Catholic. I read the New Testament when I was 16 (a Big No-no when I was growing up in the 60 & 70s in New England) and ended up with lots more questions than they had answers. And “It’s a Mystery” just didn’t satisfy me at the time.
    You had brought up one big question I had as well about – What happens to those that never hear about Christ? I also wondered what about all those that lived before Christ even came?
    I just could not accept that God would create folks just to chuck them into the lake of fire.
    From what some teach it would seem the devil is winning, but I know God is bigger and greater and when it says in the Book that He is not slack in His promise and He would that all be saved – I know He has a plan for All that has ever lived to have an opportunity to be in His family! It ain’t over til God says so. I found some places in the Bible that back up that everyone is going to get a chance and I am trusting He knows what He’s doing regardless of whether any of us understand right now.
    It would be cool to visit with Shane at Branches if I get that way and for now I love having church with you on your Spiritual Sundays!
    Have the Best Day Ever!

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