Show God The Money

God & Money.
Two of the best topics for a lively podcast.

Shane Harden, Pastor of Branches Church, joins me for our Sunday Spiritual Podcast – as we discuss:
What does the Bible says about money?
Can a rich person get into heaven?
Are poor people closer to God?
Why are some of the wealthiest people also some of the most miserable.

We hit all the sensitive topics on today’s show.
It’s a good one.


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  1. Another Awesome Spiritual Sunday Show.
    I especially loved Shane’s Gift Idea of the 3 Hs is awesome!
    One for the hands, one for the head and one for the heart – Pretty Cool!
    God Bless Ya’ll!

  2. Sam, I agree with Robert, fabulous show! I love listening to you and Shane and the topic of tithing is so important.
    And I, too am embracing the 3H gift idea. No think it could be a great “movement”!

    Have a glorious and blessed Sunday! You’ve both made my day so!

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