Successful People Don’t Have An Off Switch

If you want to have success, especially as an entrepreneur – you need to always be ON.

Your body, mind and spirit work like the electric inside of your house. If you turn all the circuit breakers off in your home,  nothing works.
Appliances shut down, no lights – everything goes dark.

The same happens with you and your brand.
If you shut down your inner electric panel and allow your body language to turn from good to bad – you can wave good-bye to any chance of success finding you.
On the contrary, when you’re always ON… out! Your Saturday is going to arrive with abundance.

  1. Sam:

    You are a great inspiration to me! Especially with people like me that are 57 and un-hirable by corporations (unless I want to flip hamburgers at Mc. Donalds or greet people and smile at the entrance of Kroger when people come in). I have been now two years since I left my last job, and believe me it has been a struggle. I want to thank you for your “Everyday is Saturday” videos and podcasts. They have been lifesaving to say the least. Encouraging when you feel there is no way out.


    • Hi Patricia,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      Truth be told – you, me and most every other person is un-hireable after the age of 40. At least that’s what I observed in my 15 year corporate career. When we interviewed applicants, if you looked ‘older’ than the you should – it was always a ‘No.’
      Which makes it even more critical to pursue multiple streams of income.

      Stay strong and take advantage of all the great resources online.


  2. Why do people always define you by your age when all you age does is say how long you have been on this earth it does not define how old you are Age is a state of mind

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