The Empower Network Question

Not a week goes by, without a few emails, Facebook messages, etc asking this question:
“Sam, are you still with Empower Network? I never see you posting about it on Facebook or email but I know you’re in….”
I’m paraphrasing but that’s how most of the messages look in my inbox.

By the way, most of the messages are from people who were never on my team. They’re on someone else’s team but I guess they want to know where I stand.
Which is perfectly fine.

DISCLAIMER: I am writing this post because I’m about to join forces with a new business opportunity.
So when someone asks the aforementioned question in line 2 of this post, I’ll simply send them this link πŸ˜‰

One other thing:
This is not some NLP ninja tactic to try and recruit people into my new biz opp, or steal people away from other teams or any such nonsense. I’m way too busy and quite honestly, I’m not even smart enough to figure out how to do that stuff.
I’ve been wanting to write this post for three months but just never found the time to put 1,700 words together on a single page.

In addition, I’m not even a full time network marketer.
I’m an investor.

I invest in systems I feel can help my audience get to their ‘Saturday’ faster and easier than going to a job every day.
I earn income through speaking and the sales of my EDIS suite of products.
I have a daily motivational podcast which is downloaded in over 100 countries by thousands of people.
I’m also a real estate investor with approximately 40 rental units I’ve owned for over 12 years. I have a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurial interests and am always seeking new ways to invest my money.
So, when I promote a business opportunity, it’s not for fast income or get rich quick. It’s because it makes sense inside of my portfolio. Most importantly, it provides value and fills a need for my audience – the segment of folks who are looking to earn income online.

Funny thing is, I’ve had more than a few big income earners inside EN ask me at the live events “Why don’t you go full out with your EN marketing, instead of messing around with speaking, traveling and other stuff.”
EN is a business investment. No different than my rental properties. My rentals provide a safe place for tenants to live and in return they pay me rent. EN provided an online education for my team and in return, I was paid a commission.

Every Day Is Saturday is not only my brand but it’s my passion.
It defines everything about me.
EDIS lives inside of me every minute of every day.
Nothing against EN or any other biz opp – you just can’t have the same level of emotional connection to a biz opp as you have to your passion.
Dave & Dave have the same passion for their brand because they created it.
You feel the same way about your brand, right?
It’s your baby. You nurture it every day and hopefully watch it grow into something beautiful.

Speaking of Dave & Dave….
Let me say this:
If you’re reading this post because you think it’s going to be a hit job on Empower Network, you will be sorely disappointed.
I have the utmost respect for Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood and what they’ve been able to build. Unless you’ve actually tried to do something huge like EN, then you have no idea how much work, commitment and dedication it takes to even think about taking on such an huge undertaking.

Are Dave & Dave perfect?
Have they made some mistakes?
I’ve made 100 times more mistakes in my life and business than those two combined.
I’m a big Dave & Dave fan and enjoyed all my time with them talking about life, business, relationships and my all-time favorite conversation ever:
Dave Wood and I had a conversation about God and religion on a bus from downtown Chicago that lasted 40 minutes.
He had me laughing, crying and all over the place with emotion.
One of the most fascinating peolpe I have ever met in my life is Dave Wood.

So why did I stop actively promoting Empower Network at the end of 2013?
Notice I said ‘actively promoting.’ I’m still an active affiliate, earning residual commission from EN through my automated funnels, which are still generating income online.

I stopped promoting EN because my own brand was taking a back seat.
In December 2103 I did a kind of ‘year in review’ audit of my life and business. It was painfully obvious that I had not spent nearly enough time doing the nurturing and growing of my brand that I mentioned earlier. I had found myself spending lots of time on calls, hangouts, flying to live events, answering endless emails, etc.
None of which had anything to do with Every Day Is Saturday.

In addition, I receive Google Alerts whenever my name or brand is mentioned online.
Alerts were coming into my inbox from other people inside EN who were leveraging my name to promote a call, or their own EN business. If I happened to post something on Facebook mentioning something good about Empower Network, people would take a screen shot and put it on their sale page, or inside of an email sequence.
All of this is perfectly legal and ethical but it was becoming a bit unsettling for me.

My presence inside Empower Network was drowning out my EDIS brand I had been building for so long.
You know what else this says?
It goes to the power of EN.

So I took a step back.

I made a decision in December that I was going to re-focus on my brand, specifically my podcast. My goal was to record a new podcast every day.
When I looked back in 2013, I was astonished to see that I had recorded less than 40 podcasts the entire year!
As of the date of this post, I have already uploaded over 180 podcasts in 2014.
And the results are amazing.
210,000 downloads this year and counting.
I’ll talk more about podcasting in a later post but I am thrilled with the results that were yielded from this major refocusing.

So you may be saying “Sam, you’ve earned over $300k with EN, excuse me if I don’t feel sorry for you…..suck it up pal.”
I’m not looking for sympathy:)
It was a personal decision I made and once again, EN is not my passion. It’s an affiliate opportunity I use to work with new people and provide them with a suite of products I don’t have.
Dave & Dave created some great products that my team was able to use as a result of being involved with EN.

And there’s room for other investments, it doesn’t have to be just one business.
Yes, I see the criticism of ‘opportunity hoppers’ and ‘shiny object chasers.’ Please don’t come at me with that stuff.
Save that for the newbies of the online world.
There’s always room for growth and diversification in any successful entrepreneur’s portfolio.

The BEST part of my EN experience

By far, the best part of my time with Empower Network was the people I met and the team I had the privilege of working with.
Had I not joined EN, I would have never met the hundreds of people who joined my team.
You know what’s wild?
I STILL speak with many of them today.
They’ll call, text, email or send me a message on Facebook. I never took the approach that I was too good for them, or made too much money – that these people did not deserve my time.
I’m no better than they are.

I have a rule:
“You can lean on me but you can’t whine on me”
As long as we have that understanding, everything is fine.
If someone wanted to complain, whine or moan about things not going well – I just stopped communicating with them.
We all have to value our time.
Just because someone buys your product, or joins your biz opp – doesn’t mean they now have the right to monopolize your time. If people are not lifting you up, you need to hang with those who will.

These people I met through EN will be a part of my life for many years to come.
Had I not joined EN in November of 2012, I would have missed out on some amazing relationships. I don’t want to name anyone by name, for fear of leaving someone out.
You know who you are.

Hopefully that answers questions for those who were wondering.
If not, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to provide more insight.

Now that I’ve spent the past seven months speaking, traveling and building out my EDIS member’s area with a suite of great new products, I’ve made the decision to diversify once again and invest my timeΒ  and money in a new opportunity.

But this time it will be a bit different.
I won’t be hosting regular hangouts, webinars, morning calls – or traveling to live events.
If it doesn’t fit my schedule, it’s not happening.
I’m going to be very selfish with my time.

You should be very selfish with your time as well.
Invest your time like you would your money – where you will see the largest return.

I’ll explain more on my blog about the new opportunity.
There’s a very cool story that goes with it.

Also, one last thing. It’s not really related to this post but I wanted to say it here.
For those who have reached out to me with your thoughts and prayers after our difficult week last week….I REALLY appreciate you.
My wife Angela is 19 weeks pregnant and things have not been smooth, without going into details…

We are week-to-week but have no reason to believe anything other than a healthy, full term pregnancy is in our future.
Our faith in God is unshakable.
He is in control.
Our baby will be fine.

Leave a comment below, if you like.

Have the BEST day EVAH!



  1. I can relate to this Sam. At some point we have to evaluate our lives and ensure we are moving in the right direction and fullfilling our life mission and purpose. It’s not always all about the money and the path of least resistance. Kudos! I wish your wife a safe delivery. Warm Regards, DR ND Egwim

  2. You know, Sam, I had wondered this very question too but I did see you all of a sudden got very busy with your EDIS biz and I had guessed as much. As always you are upfront and honest to a fault and a lot of fun to know. I’m honored to be connected to you and to call you friend. Cheers to a healthy pregnancy!

  3. Sam, You are not the only one to be moving on from EN. Some have had success with the marketing plan and some not. So we all have to be open-minded. Please keep me on your “new” opportunity list. I’m willing to work hard but have to see a return not only for money invested but as you say our time is priceless.
    Our prayers will continue for you and your family and that precious little one!

  4. Great post, Sam! Sharon and I wish you and Angela the very best on your journey of bringing a new little one into this world. She has no idea of what a great life she’s chosen (maybe she does!!). Hope she likes roller coasters!

    • Ron The Lead Dog,
      Thanks for your nice comments.
      We sure do feel blessed to be welcoming another girl into the world. She better like roller coasters – both real and otherwise – because that’s how the Crowley’s roll!

      Best to you and Sharon.

  5. Hey Sam
    What a great blog post. I learned a lot about myself and what lies ahead for me, that’s why I think 2013 was a good year for me. I am still very happy I got to meet you last April. I have learned so much from you, Thank You. I look forward to seeing you again. Smiles and Prays to the Crowley Family.

  6. Sam,
    I Just Want to Say Thank You For Re-Affirming My Belief that While having a business opportunity is great once you get past the “Newbie” Phase of marketing it is good to diversify. I also have done well with EN and consider it my Primary Training Platform I do have other facets to my business. I am Happy to say that i’ve modeled my training and motivation calls after you and several other entrepreneurs. I look forward to following your podcasts even more going forward and wish you and yours all the best.

    • Thanks Dustin.
      I think having a biz opp in your portfolio makes sense no matter what phase of entrepreneurial growth you are in: newbie, moderate, advanced, etc.
      The MAIN thing you need to make sure of is that you are aligning yourself with a great sponsor.
      Someone who will match your caring and intensity and not just look at you with dollar signs on your forehead.
      If not, you won’t truly enjoy the experience.

  7. Much R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Sam! I feel the integrity of everything you have expressed here and it is this that will carry it all forward:) Continued prayers for another healthy munchkin. Love Bokkie Arenstein

  8. Hi Sam

    Just coming back into the on line business as my corporate business has been holding me back. Now looking forward and love getting your posts etc here in Melbourne Australia. All the very best to your family.
    Kind Regards
    Steve Gough
    (We did talk at Puerto Rico a couple of years ago at a conference.)

  9. Hey Sam!

    I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing you at the EN events. Now I know why, lol.

    I was following you before EN, met you through EN, and will continue to follow you. You’re a good guy and practice what you preach. Follow your passion! I completely understand and agree with you on diversification.

    I will continue to pray for you and your wife through this challenge.

    To your continued success,

    Addison Springer

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