1. Sam,
    I’m new to the show but loving it so far. Two days ago I told my boss that I was thinking about chasing a dream and leaving my day to day job that I’ve grown bored of. He talked it over with the “higher ups” and told me take January, February and March off to try it out. If I have any regrets or change of heart my job will be waiting here for me. Like I said…I’m loving your show, but I think it’s making these last two months seem even longer. I’m ready for my never ending run of Saturdays!

    • I get it, Steve.
      When you’re FIRED UP, days can seem like years.
      It’s never too early to begin. Make sure you’re taking advice from those who have your best interest in mind.
      My old boss had the company’s best interest in mind. You’s may be different.
      Either way, congrats on having a dream.

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