What Is The Holy Spirit?

What is the Holy Spirit?
How does it work in our lives?
How can we get it?

Shane Harden, Pastor of Branches Church,
joins me on the Sunday Spiritual podcast we discuss all these Holy Spirit questions and much more!

It’s a good one.
Take my word for it 😉


  1. Amen Amen Amen. Thank you Sam and Shane. The Holy Spirit I certainly understand it better now.
    Sam I would love to give you a 5 star rating on i Tunes But they want a my credit card number to join. They say in case i decide to buy something. Well I no longer have a credit card, its a cash only deal for me now after putting myself into debt chasing the dream. 🙂

  2. Hi Veda,

    I have a better understanding of the Holy Spirit too! Shane did a great job explaining.
    I also know what it’s like not to have a credit card and appreciate the kind words and thoughts.

    Keep listening to the show!


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