Two weeks ago I hurt my neck lifting weights at the gym.
It’s been hurting bad for about 17 days but I couldn’t alow that to stand in the way of getting into great shape.

Fortunately, I found a new avenue to explore that otherwise would have lied dormant, if not for the blessing of this darn neck injury.

Have you ever had something go wrong, which forced you to step up your game in a whole new area?
What about family and relationships?

Every now and then, the electric goes out for a few hours in our home. I’m not quite sure why it happens. Someone in our neighborhood told me because we’re at the ‘end of the grid,’ whenever there’s a bad storm – we’re the first houses to lose power and the last to regain it.
I have no idea what ‘end of the grid’ means but it sounded good.

When we lose electric, it forces us to be a family and actually…..wait for it…..communicate. A noble idea isn’t it? Parents and children engaged in real conversations.

Listen to today’s podcast and ask yourself ‘What if I lost______?’
What part of your life or business would get better as a result?

Enjoy the show