I wanted to provide you a glimpse into what an ‘average day’ looks like for an entrepreneur.
Defined as: Someone who does not go to a job each day to make a living.

Keeping in mind, there is no such thing as an ‘average day’ but the point is to illustrate that what you see behind the curtain, does not always match the public persona.
I’ll let you be the judge to what extent this is true.

Here we go….

Let’s use yesterday as an example.
Sunday July 27, 2014

Sundays are traditionally light work days for most people, especially if you have a traditional job.
I was hesitant to use a Sunday as an example but I thought ‘What the heck’ …when every day is Saturday, Sundays are fine.
Have I confused you yet?
Stay with me!

6am Wake up
Make coffee for myself and tea for my wife.
You may know by now that my wife Angela is on full bed rest due to complications in her pregnancy.
If you missed the blog post talking about all of our scares we’ve had this past month you can read it here:

Angela is now 22 weeks along and literally day-to-day.
Some days she feels like she may lose her baby and other times she lays in bed with the mental torture of ‘what may happen.’
There’s a time and a place to provide inspiration such as “It’s just as easy to focus on faith as it is fear…”
Trust me, you don’t want to go to that card too often with someone who is in this daily fight.
You have to pick your spots.
Most of the time you simply shut up, listen and help anyway you can and that’s enough.

With that said, we have no reason to believe that we will not be welcoming a bouncing baby girl into the Crowley Home in December.

Once I made the coffee and tea, I checked my Facebook ads to see the overnight results.
I recently began promoting MOBE, which is an awesome affiliate marketing company.

I simply drive traffic to their funnel.
Once people sign up, the MOBE coaches handle everything from there.
They work with the new recruits and sell other products.
You simply sit back and get paid.
No calls.
No hangouts.
No webinars.

I have become even more protective of my time than ever before, now that I have the full responsibility of not only being a caregiver to my wife but also tending to our three kids.
The last thing I need is to be on the phone, a webinar or exchanging endless emails with someone.

I’ve only been in MOBE two weeks, here’s a quick snap shot of my results so far:

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 5.00.09 PMThe columns above show the raw clicks vs unique clicks to my MOBE sales page.
“30 approved” means 30 new people joined my teams in the past two weeks, generating $11, 267.34 in sales – of which I have earned $5,926.10 in commissions from those sales.
Earnings Per Click = $22.53 and rising, as most of the people have just started and not had time to purchase products.
This business is really amazing.

Here’s how many people I have spoken to in my first two weeks: Zero

Think of MOBE as a more refined version of Clickbank, where you simply drive traffic to someone else’s offer and get paid.

This company could not have come to me at a better time, now that I am anchored in Ohio and cannot travel.
Regardless of what you do for a living, I suggest you look at joining MOBE for $49.

7:00 am
Head out for my morning run.
I need to run. It not only makes me feel amazing when I’m finished, running is where I escape into my mind. No distractions.
No phone calls.
No kids & drama.
Just me, my iPod playlist, headphones and the open road to run on.

Yesterday I ran six miles, which is about my standard distance. It’s long enough to make me feel exhausted (in a good way) and short enough to where my knees & ankles don’t throb afterward.

8:00 am
Make breakfast for the family and get the kids ready for church.

9:30 am
Leave for church with the kids.
Before I leave, I see what Angela needs because we have a church picnic immediately after service, so we won’t be home for a few hours.

When we arrive at church, our friend Sally Sandusky has a dinner waiting for us. She prepared the meal ahead of time.
I ran the dishes home – put them in the fridge and drove right back to church, while adults watched the kids for me.

Our church family has been amazing since we cut our NY vacation short and came home early.
We’ve received calls, emails and endless amounts of support from people asking what they can do to help.

Had a great time at the church picnic. People stopped me, offered their prayers and support and asked what they can do to help.
Amazing love.
We are so lucky to have these people in our lives.

When we got home, the kids decompressed and went to their ‘places’ in the home and played, watch movies etc.
I checked on Ange, made her lunch and then put on a t shirt & shorts.
I went to the basement where my recording studio is located and recorded my Sunday Spiritual podcast.

I record a new podcast every day but on Sundays, I use my podcast platform as a podium to give thanks to God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me and my family.
If you haven’t listen to this Sunday’s podcast, you can download it free here:

When I first started the Sunday podcast in January 2014, I was expecting some backlash from people thinking I was getting ‘all religious’ on them.
But then I remembered who was listening: My EDIS fans, by far the greatest fans in the world.
If people are offended or put off, they don’t ever say it.

A few of my atheist fans even go so far as to give me a little hell (no pun intended) on social media.
Some good-natured ribbing but nothing personal.
They respect my beliefs, even if they do not agree.

I’ll get into religion in a later post but having a Sunday spiritual podcast was one of my best ideas of 2014.
It has brought me closer to God and allowed others to share their message of faith. A few people have emailed, letting me know they have launched their own spiritual newsletter, video, audio course because of the EDIS spiritual podcast.
That makes me happy.

After recording the show, it takes about 10 minutes to edit and upload to my site. From there, iTunes is notified of a new show and brings the feed onto their platform.
Another new podcast is up and ready to be downloaded in over 100 countries.

2:00 – 5:00
For the next few hours I cleaned the house, garage and our cars.
I feel myself morphing into my wife!
Angela is the neat freak of the home. She is always cleaning. You can literally eat off our floors (if you want to).

Now that Angela is on bed rest, I’m the one cleaning.
I realize if we clean as we go, you avoid the major cleaning jobs that last for hours.
Shocking, I know.

This afternoon, I decided to go a step further.
I vacuumed the entire house. I then grabbed the dry-vac and went to town on my garage floor and both our cars.
I then filled a bucket with soap and hot water & washed the interior of the cars.
I’m not sure what got into me but when I finished, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.

The garage hasn’t looked this good since we moved into the house ten years ago.

Served Sally’s dinner for the family.
Sally made us chicken enchiladas. They tasted amazing – the kids devoured them, along with the great dessert that came with the meal.

After dinner, I drove Madeline to a youth group party at our pastor’s house, where a bunch of kids were meeting up to watch the movie “Heaven Is For Real”

6:30-800 pm
Spent some time on my business.
I sent an email to my list reminding them of an upcoming webinar on the 4 Mistakes I Made When I Left My Job.
It’s a free training I’m giving to help people who are thinking of quitting their job, avoid the biggest mistakes I made.

If I could do it all over again (leave my job) I would definitely change some things.
I’ll be sharing the biggest ‘AHA Moments’ on the webinar.

I also boosted a few of my Facebook posts and created two new ads.
I spend about $100/day on average at the moment on Facebook ads, mainly directed at my MOBE business.

Picked up Madeline from youth group.

Made popcorn for the kids.
We hung out in the kitchen, talked & laughed a bit.
Of course the kids left the dirty dishes for me to clean;)

When I had a job, I used to try and hang on as long as possible to Sundays because I knew I would’t see my family again until the following weekend.
I can’t tell you how awesome it is to not have that stress of cramming everything into a weekend.
Every Day Is Saturday…. and it can be for you too!

Put the little ones to bed and Madeline goes to her room to read a book.
I watch a couple of my favorite shows on Tivo: Tonight it’s Criminal Minds. Love that show.

Let dogs out one more time.
Then off to bed.

I was up at 4am this morning (Monday).
I knew I had to take Angela to the doctor at 11am and wanted to get at least
fours hours of work and a six mile run in before we left.

I’m finishing this post around 6pm EST Monday evening.

I want to reflect more on the life of an entrepreneur in future posts because I think it’s important you see everything.
For example, when people post those big checks online and all the money they are earning, you don’t see all the effort that goes into making large amounts of money from home.

What I described yesterday was a Sunday.
As you can see, I work on my business on Sundays.
Every day is the weekend, that is true.

But you can also flip that and say every day is a work day. However, when you love what you do, it doesn’t give you the ulcers, anxiety and empty feeling in your stomach that you are missing your purpose in life.

Successful entrepreneurs work.
Sometimes they work for days on end, then take large amounts of time off.
I’ve gone weeks without working.
But I know when I need to bear down and get back at it.

Now that I’m Mr Mom, the responsibilities are greater and the stakes are higher. I rise earlier to get a jump start on the day and stay up later to make sure everything gets done.

I can’t complain and say:
“There’s no time for me to get done what needs to be done.”
Who’s going to listen to me?

We all have 168 hours in a week

If you make things a priority, they will get done.
If you don’t, they won’t.
You have to make the decision that no matter what curve balls are thrown your way, you will persevere.

If you have to wake up an hour earlier, do it.
If you have to stay up two hours later, do it.
When failure is not an option, you will find a way.

I hope this post was helpful for you to get a glimpse into an average day-in-the-life of an entrepreneur.

Have the best day EVAH!